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SAVE MONEY ON FULFILLMENT AND DELIVERY With flexible storage, efficient pick and pack, discounted local and global delivery, trade packaging accounts, and competitive returns solutions, IWF provides many cost saving opportunities on order fulfillment and delivery.
SAVE TIME & INCREASE EFFICIENCIES We empower you to spend more time growing your business and less time and resources on warehousing, staff, IT systems, carrier management, "where's my parcel?" queries, etc. We could enable you to extend your last order cut off times and provide a quicker delivery solution. We have optimised fulfillment processes to ensure efficiency, and handle peaks (or drops) in demand effectively.
GO GLOBAL Our leading global parcel delivery solutions you can offer international shoppers affordable, trusted and convenient delivery, encouraging them to hit the buy button. With operations globally delivering to over 240 countries, we are truly international!
SEND & RECEIVE STOCK Utilising our Fulfillment Warehouses Locally and Internationally, we provide you with a seamless fulfillment solution. Giving you the opportunity to focus on scaling your business. We provide an optimised, innovative platform with API integration for your existing ecommerce business.
MULTI-PLATFORM INTEGRATION Connect your existing Shopify, Woo, ECWID, Prestashop, or other platform to us via our Application Process Interface (API). We also have a secure (SFTP) severe for that sensitive data base sets or large distribution lists. Get in touch with an ideliver specialist to walk you through a Live Demo of our IMS, SFTP or Integration setup, we use the API keys generated by your system.
REPORTING ANALYTICS Our Dashboard presents you with all the data you need to ensure that you hold an optimal amount of stock. We ensure that your orders are stored, picked and packed efficiently.
SELL ON MARKETPLACES IN SA AND GLOBALLY Want to sell more products on multiple channels? IWF can deliver into the many ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. Once you are on idelivers shelf, the world is your Oyster and you can sell on any sales channel and we can fulfill.
IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER'S EXPERIENCE We provide fasts and reliable eCommerce Order fulfillment and offer branded packaging options and or customer personalisation’s or inserts. You can grow and scale your product range and order volumes knowing IWF is geared up to handle it. Route-Master a new generation logistics eCommerce management tool provides Customer Service interaction layers. It’s like having your own transport department inhouse and it’s free.


All our services are activity based unless you have singular specific monthly needs.

E-fulfillment is defined as ‘the arrangements that are necessary for businesses to sell their products or services on the internet. Many businesses take the hassle out of these arrangements by outsourcing them to a e-fulfillment service like IWF. Making sure packages are delivered efficiently and smoothly is crucial for businesses. If deliveries are missed and fulfillment is failing, it can damage reputations and lose customers. Therefore, choosing a delivery company like IWF means you are choosing a company that keeps on top of fulfillment services.

IWF can optimise your fulfillment and shipping processes to delight your customers, keep your costs down, and free up more of your time. What is more our fulfillment service can help you grow; with our global delivery, returns and e-commerce software solutions, we empower you to sell more to international customers.


Tailored order and subscription fulfillment solutions for retailers, agencies, brands and wholesalers. A fulfillment service covers the storage of products in a fulfillment centre or warehouse, the picking of products and the preparation for postage, and then the delivery and shipping of products to customers. This takes the process away from the business owner and often occurs when manually shipping products has become too big an operation to be done without help or management by a third-party specialist. This also allows the business owner to focus on other priorities or on expanding the business.

IWF can receive your customers orders and process returns. You simply ship your products to our warehouse and we do the pick pack and dispatch when you receive orders. We can also receive your returns and consolidate them. The service is fully bespoke for your business needs. Another service we provide is promotional fulfillment, this is useful if you want to distribute free products and samples or send brochures.


Order fulfillment is defined as the process of receiving, picking and packing, and delivering orders to customers. It sounds simple, but order fulfillment is about more than putting products in the post – it’s about creating the full customer experience. We provide order fulfillment services to retailers of all sizes. This enables you to outsource the order fulfillment process to the experts and focus your time and energy on other things. Our order fulfillment service takes care of everything – from receiving stock from your manufacturers, following your brand language packaging instructions to shipping products to your customers, to handling any returns.


Our order fulfillment solutions are extremely flexible. We appreciate that no two businesses are the same from products to processes. That’s why we can adapt to any of our customers working procedures and needs. We receive order instructions via our customer’s preferred method. We will even accept phone calls for those late/ urgent instructions need to be taken down ASAP.

Our E-Commerce Integration & order fulfillment services delivers:

  • Seamless Integration
  • Shipping Confirmation
  • Custom Paperwork
  • Tracking & Information
  • Secure API
  • Automation of Orders


INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Included in our Software As A Service (SAAS) Option.
FreQenC (BETA) T&C’s apply.
FULL SPECIFICATION ECOMMERCE WAREHOUSING FACILITIES Located throughout South Africa, Eastern and Western Europe and the United States.
SPECIALISED DIGITAL PRODUCT ORDER PICKING The reason we make minimal errors at ideliver on picking is that we ensure that we do not rely on images and descriptions to pick products @IWF. We rely heavily on barcoding to ensure this process. If your products are not labelled/barcoded correctly, ideliver will re-label to ensure that picking the correct item occurs naturally. So, to ensure this cost is not added to your account, please ensure your products are labelled.
PERSONALISATION SERVICES Take advantage of this personal presentation opportunity by providing packaging that speaks your brand language, branded tapes, labels and boxes for your products. We source cost and build in packaging to your business so your customers will take pleasure in opening their gifts and purchases. Custom packaging and gift packing options are available to all clients, by arrangement only.
DISTRIBUTION TO Pick-Up-Points FOR COLLECTION or PERSONALISED HOME COURIER DELIVERIES At ideliver you have many options available to you in all the countries we have facilities. We deliver to Drop Off point, Direct to home or business, in 240 Countries worldwide. We also fulfill worldwide from our facility in South Africa, via postal injection and International Courier.
IMPORTER | EXPORTER OF RECORD As a local or international business you may want to expand your brand worldwide. At ideliver this is the business model we understand and have planned for. Your business can scale into any one of the 40 Countries where we are represented. We can act as your office in the country or destination chosen. Claim taxes and duties according to that Country’s laws. All possible while you operate from another country. Please send mail to info@ideliver.co.za using the Heading “Scale Up” e.g.: United Kingdom and the country you wish to start selling in.
PART WORKS FULFILLMENT Please contact our internal Partworks specialist to plan your move to ideliver worldwide fulfillment. Ideliver is the leading eCommerce Part-Works and subscriptions provider in Africa, Europe, and United States.
ECOMMERCE TRADING BUSINESS IWF can open your eCommerce trading business with bank accounts with import export export capabilities in over 40 countries.
SUBSCRIPTION |SUBS BOX FULFILLMENT SPECIALISTS The only Industry specialist in Subscription/Recurring Subs box Fulfillment. We assist our clients in developing a specific Call to Action and fulfillment mechanisms in foreign markets.
BESPOKE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS Although ideliver holds basic eCommerce Packaging. You may also choose to Design and stock your choice of bespoke packaging. Done in various ways by either centralising you current order process, or manufacturing locally and shipping internationally or Internationally sourcing manufacture for holding in other countries. The choice is yours.
OMNI CHANNEL CUSTOMER CALL CENTRES Keeping our Customers informed & making communication easy at each step of the entire process | Dedicated or part time call centre staff are available at set fees | This Caters for both full and part time/Event
  • $120.00 | Hour
  • Departments: Web Development | Warehousing | Full Cycle Logistics | Costing



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