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Owner run since 2007, inventory management, Web Development (affiliates) , Digital Marketing (Affiliates) all under one roof.
Supplying the eCommerce sector since 2007. limited access or entry costs, no minimums, high end results, high Volume facility. We work on the perfect invoice basis to ensure long life term customer value.
We are the largest and most experienced Subs box fulfillment company doing well over 1 Million transactions per year in Subs alone.
  • Business to Consumer B2C
  • B2B or Retail can be added provided ideliver does your eCommerce
  • Inventory Management
  • eCommerce Courier and Logistics Management
  • eCommerce Sea Freight Shipping
  • eCommerce Airfreight Shipping
  • eCommerce Postal Injections
  • International eCommerce Fulfillment
  • eCommerce POC Proof of Concept Dev
  • General Sample Distribution
  • eCommerce Food Subscriptions
  • eCommerce Chilled and Frozen Goods (Local on Demand Only)
  • Apparel Fulfillment
  • Book Fulfillment
  • Partworks
  • Toy Fulfillment
  • Consumer Goods
  • Mobile Phones
  • Technology
  • Subscription – Subz/Subs Boxes Fulfillment
  • Tinned or boxed Foods
  • Chocolates and Sweets
  • Seasonal Gifting Services
  • Loot Marketplace
  • Onlayby Marketplace
  • Takealot Marketplace
  • Zando Marketplace
  • Runway Marketplace
  • Superbalist Marketplace
  • Amazon Marketplace
No, we do not you can ship us as much or as little as you like. 6-8 Weeks sales is the norm.
No, we do not penalise you for longer terms of storage, although by design eCommerce is a short stay facility. longer stays are encouraged to long place into our long stay facilities Nationwide.
Medium eCommerce Bins which 50% Or 1/2 of a cube are charged from R15.80/$0.93/ per week or part thereof.
Large/Racked eCommerce bins, these are one cube/1 square metre in size and are charged from R29.50/$1.73 per week or part thereof.
Our warehouses are equipped with closed circuit television cameras-controlled access limited staff zones. biometrics in high value cages.
As your inventory remains in your name, we do not insure your product we do however provide liability to you for any product broken or damaged while in a IWF facility. Your goods in transit insurance generally can be extended to accommodate this process please do not hesitate to ask us for our security details address and any other certificates required for your insurance purposes.
No, we do not have a refrigerated section however we do have air-conditioned section that maintains a holding temperature of between 16 and 23 degrees.
Yes, we do have “AAA” specialised high security areas in which we hold in prescribed areas with exclusive biometric protocols and control.
Unpacked food items, guns, ammunition, etc.
We do not penalise you for longer terms of storage, however by design eCommerce is a short stay facility. longer stays are encouraged to stay in our long stay facilities Nationwide please contact for rates if required.
We offer various Courier companies as options which are separated for their specialities whether it be small parcel courier or large parcel/White Goods freight. We also inject into the US Postal Service the UK Postal Service and other Postal services around the world. Companies we use are various. Mainly more mainstream suppliers due to their technologies, integration opportunities and transparency policies. We also make use of Collection/Drop Off points and Companies. Service Options include Budget Road/Cargo (The Free Delivery), Overnight Express by 12H00 PM (Airport Cities), Next Day by Close of Business (Airport Cities) Sameday Express, (Airport Cities), JHB Warehouse Collection, Local Pickup and Delivery (JHB Only) Durban and Cape Town January 2021.
We close off orders at 12:30 PM each day, to insure we are efficient to dispatch by 17:00 PM each day Postal services to the US and Europe leave within 48 hours of order.
South Africa Johannesburg, Eastern Czech Republic and Western Europe.
Yes, we ship internationally into 240 Countries using our international courier aggregator, or a postal injection process into the Postal services worldwide.
Tracking is always included, we have customer interactions as value added options, where customers are kept up to date with tracking and expected delivery times. tracking is not always available in some countries on some Postal routes.
Yes, you can with pleasure a R25.00 fee is attributed to these orders.
IWF immediately at no cost to yourself replaces the incorrect item IWF then issues a report to you and the client and closes the loop to ensure no further issues.
We offer various Courier company as options which are separated for their specialities whether it be small parcel courier or large parcel/White Goods freight. We also inject into the US Postal Service the UK Postal Service and other Postal services around the world. Companies we use are Sky Net, Dawn Wing, Ram, Last Mile Logistics, and due to their integration opportunities and policies. We also make use of collection/Drop Off points and Companies like Pargo.
Yes, we ship internationally into neighbouring SADEC region African Countries by Road and Air. All other Countries that have Ports we offer Air and Sea Freight services for ideliver eCommerce clients. TO countries without Sea Ports we obviously only supply airfreight options.
We keep whatever packaging our clients require, whether it be bespoke or standard packaging we currently hold Poly bags in 3 sizes Small A4 medium and large. We hold stock cartons in stock size 1 – stock size 7, Fold over carton's for small Technology, accessories and books, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, padded envelopes, sustainable packaging, reusable packaging, Gift wrapping, Seasonal wrapping. Recurring box and Subscription packaging, Raffia Etc. We follow printed and video packaging instructions.

We have the ideliver Build a box process and can “on your behalf” have boxes manufactured (locally) printed and stocked in anyone of the Fulfillment Warehouses Worldwide.
Yes, we charge for packaging please ask your ideliver agent for these details
These are expensive alternatives at this moment in time. So are available by request only. We use renewable cartons and all Rafia and fill is renewed and renewable. Please ask your IWF Agent for these details
Currently it is not. However in time this will happen. You can opt out of these options should you have your own boxes, brand language and packaging.
Yes of course you can, just remember we can design and manufacture stock boxes and Subs boxes to be held in stock in anyone of our four 4 warehouses worldwide. Any question not answered above please feel free to email us at the following address
We keep whatever packaging our clients require.

We currently hold Poly/Plastic bags in 6 sizes Small (A4) Medium Large (A3) Stock Cartons Stock 1 – stock 7, Fold over carton's in small and large, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, padded envelopes, sustainable packaging (Please ask for price), Reusable packaging, Gift wrapping, seasonal wrapping, recurring box and subscription packaging, Raffia, Tissue paper in various colours A4, A3.

We have an internal design and build a box process and we can get boxes manufactured printed and locally stocked in anyone of the four (4) IWF Fulfillment Warehouses Worldwide.
IWF Warehouse - 140 North Reef Road, corner Barbara Road, Elandsfontein Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa.
How do I prepare a shipment for your facility we need a packing slip or manifest, shipping instructions or waybill number? All product to be correctly labelled with barcodes. We charge R58.00 Per pallet to off load and R10.00 per SKU, stock Keeping unit, charged as a one-off setup fee.
This all depends on the volumes supplied but usually takes 24-48 hours per 1000 SKU’s. CSV Bulk uploads do speed this process up.
As a rule, we only check between 8% and 10% of your inventory. Audits are possible by request.
We photograph and report all stock damages to you immediately.
A simple notice of inbound shipments is required for any small loads of 1-3 Pallets.

4-8 ton loads and All Sea freight containers require scheduling/booking times.
Yes, you do! We rely heavily on bar coding and labelling if your product is not labelled, we can do this for you with pleasure we charge from $0.04/R0.60 per application will be charged before you go live with IWF.
Yes, we can include invoices. The IWF default is a picking slip.
Yes, we can accept returns you would need to accommodate this process in your returns policy please feel free to have a chat to your IWF agent to get to the understanding.

What do you do with returns?
We follow your pre-aligned agreement on this process we can offer restocking repackage or discarding as options.
We can do considerably basic retests and QC nothing technical.
Yes, we have an outbound and inbound Customer Centre. Per Call, Half Day, and full day
Integrated to many shopping carts including, Shopify WooCommerce, ECWID, to name a few we also have a secure FTP server for Mail order lists and distributions for recurring deliveries. Proprietary Warehouse and order Management system.



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